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Skip the Brunch, Bring on the Blooms this Mother’s Day

As we count down the days to Mother’s Day celebrations, many dieters worry about blowing their diets, giving in to cravings and splurging on desserts at Mother’s Day brunch.  While we know it only take a few bites to… Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Shoulder Building Exercises

The shoulders are the most prominent part in a man’s body. Bodybuilders spend numerous hours trying to build bigger and stronger shoulders. One of the most popular shoulder exercises is the shoulder press.

There are different ways in executing the… Continue reading

Importance Of Balanced Hormones For Perfect, Round Butts

Women strive to flaunt a big-sized butt it intends to enhance their sex appeal, and a flat butt is known to erode their self-confidence. There is also a perception that a curvy-shaped body is a testament of their fertility;thereby, attracting… Continue reading

Aging and Oral Health: Four Issues and Prevention

Aging is a beautiful thing – you become wiser, more intuitive and more self-aware. Unfortunately, while we become sharper, our teeth tend to become weaker. Keeping an eye on your dental health is key to avoiding some issues that arise… Continue reading

The musts for Arthritis care

Arthritis in common terms is the painful inflammation of joints due to filling of fluids in the joints, autoimmune disorder or dietary consequence. It also may be due to extreme wear and tear of the cartilage between the joints. People… Continue reading

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