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Dental Crowns: Before and After the Treatment

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap or cover that is placed over a badly damaged or decayed tooth. A crown may be placed for various reasons. A crown is placed:

when a tooth has been broken, severely damaged or decayed… Continue reading

Nutritive Ways to Gain Muscles with Zero Struggles

Macho! My man! – This is what a girl would say when her beloved man looks lean and stylish.

What an effort goes inside only the man knows!

Muscle building is not an easy job. You need to know how… Continue reading

Treating Knee Pain and Repairing Joint Damage

The knee is certainly one of the most complex joints in the human body. We use it on a daily basis to walk, to run, to move, and to hold ourselves upright. All of this activity places pressure on the… Continue reading

Health Benefits to Drinking Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most common beverages consumed over the world, after coffee. But did you know the difference between the two? The caffeine content of black tea is much lower than that of coffee and hence it… Continue reading

Why dental implants for your missing natural teeth?

It’s never easy to live a life with one or more missing teeth. This poses physical as well as physiological problems of different kind. The quality of life suffers a lot and one tries to avoid social gatherings to minimize… Continue reading