Beginner’s Guide to Shoulder Building Exercises

The shoulders are the most prominent part in a man’s body. Bodybuilders spend numerous hours trying to build bigger and stronger shoulders. One of the most popular shoulder exercises is the shoulder press.

There are different ways in executing the shoulder press; some bodybuilders use heavy dumbbells to get the best results from their workout; however, a beginner cannot simply press 120 kilos of weight and expect to gain shoulder muscles immediately. It takes disciplined training programs and quality supplements to develop the shoulders.

There is a science behind developing shoulder muscles, and there are two main muscles that need to be dealt with in shoulder exercises; these are the deltoid and the rotator cuff. The deltoid can be located at the shoulder joints. It is the biggest muscle in the shoulders and is responsible for flexing and rotating the arms at the shoulder. On the other hand, the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that connect the arms and the shoulder blade together. Its main function is stabilizing the shoulder. These two groups of muscles are targeted when a bodybuilder does presses. To help in developing the shoulders, beginners in bodybuilding are recommended to inculcate in their workout routines these three elements; press heavy, press correctly, and press creatively.

Press Heavy

The key in pressing heavier weights is by gradually adding weights and doing more repetitions for each set of shoulder presses. Be careful when adding weights immediately after every week. Give time for your body to adjust to the weights before moving on to heavier weights. The trick here is consistency. Being able to consistently work on your shoulders every week will allow you to move on to heavier weights more quickly.

Press Correctly

In pressing heavy weights, always be mindful of the right way of pressing. Wrongly executing a press may lead to a disjointed ball and socket shoulder joint. Avoid this by remembering these two simple tips: The first tip is to take heavy overhead presses to the front. Bodybuilder trainers have identified that doing an overhead press with the barbell behind the head is the weakest position for it. It increases the risk of tearing the muscles or joints when done repeatedly and incorrectly. The second tip is to understand how the rotator cuff works. Remember that the rotator cuff is the main stabilizer of the shoulders. When ignored during an extraneous workout routine, it may tear off smaller tendons and result in long-term damage.

Press Creatively

There are different and more creative ways of executing shoulder presses. Mixing different techniques while doing shoulder presses helps gain muscle mass quickly. It prevents creating too much trauma on a specific area where the tear is greater when doing a specific motion repeatedly. Don’t exhaust all of your hours in doing overhead presses; do other creative shoulder press exercises, such as the Anti-Gravity Press, Arnold Dumbbell Press, and Alternating Cable Shoulder Press. Mix your routine up to keep your shoulders healthy and stronger.