Health Benefits of Full Body Massage

The modern way of life is filled with tension, anxiety, and stress. This is because the body is subjected to different pollutants that take toll of our mental and physical being. A complete body massage is, therefore, the best way to ease the body of all kinds of tensions and give it the necessary rest. But what is full body massage? It’s a complete body massage starting from the toe to the head. It’s not only very long but also involves different types or styles of massage therapy.

How a full body message is done

A full body massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues using the hands to minimize muscle tension and pains. Full body massage not only speed up the blood circulation but also opens up skin pore. Due to technology, full body massage requires an individual to lie down on the table at the massage center. A therapist will start with your feet and then work their way up the legs and hips while restoring full circulation. He will then move to the shoulders hands, back, and finally the head.

Benefits of full body massage

  1. Reduced anxiety, stress, and depression: A body massage can help reduce stress and some symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to studies, most people who suffer from depression felt that their symptoms decreased after a complete body massage. It’s also true that a good massage can relax you and improve your mood.
  2. Pain Relief: Body massage can help relieve stiffness in the body. This is according to Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Massage can help relieve a migraine and also release endorphins that act as a pain reliever. Muscles that are overused or tired are able to soften or relax through massage.
  3. Immune system function: A body massage can help remove the dead cells and improve skin tone. It can also lead to skin regeneration that may help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Depending on the kind of massage being done, the oil being used may also provide other moisturizing benefits.
  4. Lowering blood pressure: According to a study published in the journal Biological Research for Nursing, those who had at least a 10-minute massage lowered their blood pressure by a huge percentage.
  5. Increased circulation: Body massage can also increase blood circulation by assisting nutrients and oxygen to reach the tissues. While these benefits are very important, you should continue seeing your physician especially if you are suffering from other medical conditions.
  6. Increased flexibility: Whether you have lost some range of motion or you are an avid athlete who regularly put some pressure on his knees, staying flexible is very important. A complete body massage can help you maintain flexibility by working the muscles, tendons and connective tissues.
  7. Helping with back pain: While one of the many reasons why people seek massage is back pain not many people understand how helpful it is. A study done by the Annals of Internal Medicine found out that massage is one of the most effective ways of relieving back pain. If used correctly, it can even reduce the use of painkillers by over 36 percent.

Well, those are some of the health benefits of a full body massage. The most important thing is to ensure that you visit a massage center to ensure that it’s done well.