Skip the Brunch, Bring on the Blooms this Mother’s Day

As we count down the days to Mother’s Day celebrations, many dieters worry about blowing their diets, giving in to cravings and splurging on desserts at Mother’s Day brunch.  While we know it only take a few bites to blow a diet, not all of your hard work can be undone in a day.  You’re not going to regain all the weight you’ve lost because of one meal, just be sure to set limits and stick to them.

Mother’s Day could be a great time to think outside the box.  Instead of asking Mom to eat brunch or dinner with you, ask her to work out with you.  Most gyms offer a day pass, some will offer one for free if the person listens to a sales pitch.  While Mother’s Day might not be the time for that, the gym could turn out to be the ideal setting or some fun and relaxation.  And a beautiful bouquet delivered to the gym front desk could be just the thing to take it over the top.  1800Flowers delivers nationwide and has lots of beautiful gifts to choose.  When you order flowers through the Groupon site, you get the additional bonus of great service, premium selection and money saving deals.  This year, skip the chocolate laden baskets and order one filled with soothing teas, fruits and lighter treats.  1800Flowers offers these as well.

Flowers by themselves impart great health benefits.  Studies have shown that the simple act of observing them changes the way we feel.  Flowers are a healthy, natural moderator of moods.  One study conducted over many months showed that fresh flowers in the home have a long-term positive effect.  Recipients felt less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers.  Your mom will respond positively, too.

They also found that placing flowers in an area where they can be appreciated by others makes a huge difference.  That’s why so many people love to place fresh cut flowers in open areas of their homes.  So imagine the big healthy smile on the faces at the gym when mom’s flowers are delivered there.

Fresh flowers offer aroma therapy by perfuming the air with their richly scented blooms that also have positive effects and lighten moods.  Choose flowers for her special day that will infuse the space with her favorite fragrance, and others will appreciate it, too.